A gallery of North American animals, birds, plants, and butterflies. The cougars, wolves, lynx, foxes, bears and bobcats were photographed at Triple D Game Farm in Montana. Some owls and raptors are educational birds from Pennsylvania, California and Arizona, while others are wild birds. These images are available as fine art prints and canvas gallery wraps or for one-time commercial print usage.
Water Lily 1Sandhill Cranes 1 -- Bosque del ApacheRed Fox 9Barrel CactusGiant Swallowtail ButterflyCougar 3Ochre Starfish -- Olympic National ParkBlue FlaxBlack-crowned Night Heron 1Canadian Lynx 7West Coast Lady ButterflyBitterroot 1Barn Owl 1spicebush swallowtail 3Black Bear Cub 1fern 1Snowy Egret 4 -- San Diego River EstuaryRed Fox 5Agave 1Whimbrel -- San Diego River Estuary