These photos were included in my 2015 exhibitions at Gettysburg College and Central Penn College. Please click on the image for information and click on the image again for a larger view. All are available to purchase. Please contact me for more information.
After the Storm -- Great Egret 24x36Beach Baby -- Sanderling 10x20Beach Patrol -- Snowy Egret 24x36Daybreak -- Great Blue Heron 20x30Breeding Colors -- White Ibis 20x24Building the Nest -- Great Blue Heron 24x36Courting Great Blue Herons 20x20Courtship Display -- Great Egret 20x30Displaying the Plumes -- Snowy Egret 20x20Early Morning -- Great Egret 20x30Family -- Great Egrets 16x24In the Reeds -- Little Green Heron 20x24Looking for Love -- Great Blue Heron 10x20Nice and Easy -- Tricolored Heron 20x30On the Boardwalk -- Juvenile Anhinga 24x36Osprey 16x24Pied-billed Grebe 20x20Portrait of an Osprey 16x24Preening -- Great Egret 16x24Side by Side -- Snowy Egrets 20x30