Sometimes black and white images tell a much different story than color photos. Texture, values and nuances in pose or attitude are often more obvious without the distraction of color. Please click on the image for information and click on the image again for a larger view. All are available to purchase. Please contact me for more information.
Backlit -- Great EgretConcentration -- OspreyCourting -- Great Blue HeronsCrested SaguaroFocused -- Eagle OwlGrey FoxGrey WolfGrizzly Bear CubIntent -- Great Blue HeronLight Breeze -- Great EgretPalm LeafPortrait of an OspreyPreening -- Great EgretRed FoxRegal -- Golden EagleRitual -- Great Blue HeronRuffled Feathers -- OspreyScratchin' an Itch -- Great EgretSilent Hunter -- Great Blue HeronSolitude -- Great Egret