I love to photograph the exquisite and intricate details of the natural world that most people overlook.Please click on the image for information and click on the image again for a larger view. All are available to purchase. Please contact me for more information.
Ponderosa Pine Bark - YosemiteYosemite Falls 2Copper Ore, Malachite and AzuriteSand RidgesPalm Leaf 2Burnt Tree 1 - YosemiteSunset - Shenandoah National ParkAngel Terrace Runoff - Mammoth Hot SpringsKelp 1 - La Jolla CAEmperor Goose FeathersSand Patterns 1 - Olympic National Park bwPalm LeafKrill - Pacific OceanYosemite Falls 1Sand Patterns 2 - La Jolla CABurnt Tree 3 - YosemiteTravertine Deposits 3 -  Mammoth Hot SpringsCalcium Carbonate Deposits 2 -  Mammoth Hot SpringsSand Patterns 1 - La Jolla CAHoar Frost