Sandra Blair is a wildlife artist and nature photographer living in Central Pennsylvania and she is fascinated by anything furry, feathered or scaled.

Sandra had a successful 23-year career as a graphic designer until a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2000 redefined her priorities.  It was time to realize her life-long dream of being a wildlife artist. Sandra read dozens of art technique books on painting animals, still lifes, flowers and landscapes and studied paintings by the world's most influential wildlife artists, regardless of their medium. Taking a little of this technique and a little of that technique, she developed her current style of painting using watercolors and acrylics.

Sandra believes that good wildlife painting must be enhanced by studying animals in their natural habitat.  Sandra has taken thousands of photographs of birds and animals for wildlife painting references.   She has traveled to national parks, wildlife refuges, bird rehabilitation centers, and stopped along many a roadside to photograph nature's exquisite details.  For larger predators or more elusive species, Sandra photographs captive animals that are available specifically for artists, photographers and filmmakers.  This extensive research translates into the sense that one can reach out and touch the animal, that it becomes a living entity to the viewer.  

Sandra’s photography extends beyond wildlife to encompass nature in all its glory and she is especially intrigued by the abstract patterns found in trees, rocks, sand, water and all natural subjects.  Sandra also offers royalty-free Wildlife Reference Photos and Flower Reference Photos for artists, sculptors and carvers.  While nothing can replace the invaluable experience of in-the-field research, sometimes artists just don’t have the time or means to do so.  These images are also a great way to find specific details that your own photographs may be missing.

Please be sure to follow Sandra's Art Blog where she shows paintings in progress, shares her travel exploits and posts select photos and the stories behind them.  Also connect with her on her Facebook Page at  Thanks for stopping by!